What are we creating?
This rotary internal combustion engine will change everything!

I have designed and patented a rotary internal combustion engine which can produce so much power that if used to spin an electric generator to generate electricity, any city, any town, or any village in the world can generate its own electricity for its citizens at a very low cost, therefore eliminating the high cost of coal gas and nuclear power plants. This engine is an improvement and new design of the conventional internal combustion engine.

It multiplies the explosions (compressions) of the pistons times the number of fire chambers. For example, one engine with ten pistons and ten fire chambers will have 100 explosions (compressions) per turn. More pistons and more fire chambers will produce an unlimited amount of horse power, therefore producing more power then any steam turbine engine and is very inexpensive to manufacture due to very few moving parts.

This rotary internal combustion engine produces more power then steam powered turbine engines or jet powered turbine engines. This engine is the ultimate of the power engines.

Having the compressions push on the rotor instead of the compressions push on the pistons to turn the crankshaft produces more power with less friction, making this internal combustion engine the most powerful engine ever!

I am looking for venture capitalists to manufacture and market this engine!

Please contact me.

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